Hour 730: The journey continues

I failed the CCIE R&S lab exam last week but I’m not gonna let this get me down. I’m coming back. And I’ll be stronger and better because of it.


Hour 505: Quick update, DMVPN’s and MPLS VPN’s

Quick update*

Writing blogs is very time consuming. I have probably spent over 100 hours putting together this website and I don’t include these hours in my  study count. Also, I have a 2 week bootcamp with IPexpert coming up in October and shortly after, I will be going for my first CCIE R&S lab attempt in Toronto. What i’m trying to say is that I might write one or two blogs before the exam but not more. I think I have covered pretty much everything in the blueprint of the CCIE except for MPLS VPN’s and DMVPN’s. These topics are covered in several books and blogs and I don’t feel the need to go over them again. I have a friend that is also studying for the CCIE R&S that gives a great overview of these. Check out his blog at https://fredrikjj.wordpress.com

Before I go, I want you guys to know that the CCIE is not about how smart you are. I know tons of people who are super smart and fail this exam. The CCIE is about heart. It’s about how much you are willing to push your limits. Check out this video.