Hour 710: One Week before the CCIE R&S v5 Lab exam

I would first like to apologize to all readers for not posting any blogs in almost 2 months. I have recently accepted a position as a Sr. Network Administrator at a HFT firm and I been extremely busy there as well as studying for the lab exam.

As some of you may know, I have the CCIE lab scheduled for next Monday, Dec 8th 2014 and this will be my last post before my attempt. Here is the list of all the material I have gone through since I started my CCIE journey about a year and a half ago.


Routing TCP/IP Vol1-2

Cisco QoS, Exam certification guide

CCIE Routing and Switching version 4

MPLS Fundamental

Developing IP Multicast Networks Vol I

Internet Routing Architecture



Lab Practice:

IPexpert CCIE R&S Lab v4 Workbook 1-3 (not all Workbook 3)

IPexpert CCIE R&S Lab v5 Workbook 2 Lab 1-2

INE CCIE R&S v5 Technology Workbook

INE CCIE R&S v5 Lab Workbook 1 – 2

Cisco 360 Labs 1-10

Pass or fail next week, I will be doing a review of each book/vendor material and how useful they were for the v5 Lab exam. Keep you guys posted!



  1. Good luck man! You’ve studied hard and prepared well. Get a good nights sleep the night beforehand and just think of the real lab as just another Cisco 360 practice lab.

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