Hour 225: CCIE Mnemonics

Today, I started doing IPexperts labs and ordered the Paper version of their workbooks. My original plan was to start doing the CCIE lab preparation with INE but since CCIE v5 is coming soon, my new plan since is to start with IPexperts and then do the INE labs. Once the new technologies workbooks for v5 come out, I will most definitely switch completely to INE.

Now I would like to to talk a little bit about how I remembered most of the content for the CCIE Written; through mnemonics. Let me give you a description of what a mnemonics are and a list of the ones you will need for the CCIE Written.

Mnemonic systems are special techniques used to improve memory, it helps you employ information already stored in long-term memory to make memorization an easier task. There are different types of mnemonic techniques but the one I used is the “list technique”. For the list technique you create an acronym to remember the order and names of large lists for the various topics you want to remember. In this case, it would be routing and switching protocols. Here are the mnemonics you WILL need for the CCIE Written:

The first is to remember the K values order for redistribution in EIGRP

The acronym: Big Dogs Really Like Me

The List:

1. Bandwidth

2. Delay

3. Reliability

4. Load

5. MTU

The second is to remember the BGP path selection

The acronym: We Love Oranges AS Oranges Mean Pure Perfect Refreshment

The List:

1. Weight – largest preferred

2. Local-preference – largest preferred

3. Originated Locally (in decreasing preference)

4. AS_PATH – Shortest preferred

5. ORIGIN Code – Lowest preferred

6. MED – Lowest preferred

7. Prefer eBGP over iBGP
8. Prefer older paths if multiple exist
9. RID – lowest preferred

The third is to remember OSPFv3 LSA Types:

The acronym: Routing Networks Is Indeed A Great New Learning Initiative

The list:

  1. Router LSA
  2. Network LSA
  3. InterArea Prefix LSA
  4. InterArea Router LSA
  5. AS External LSA
  6. Group Membership LSA
  7. NSSA LSA (Not so stubby Area)
  8. Link LSA
  9. IntraArea Prefix LSA

The fourth one is to remember the PIM SMv2 Message types.

The acronym: High Roads Reaching Jungle Blocked All Cars

The List:

  1. Hello
  2. Register
  3. Register-Stop
  4. Join/Prune
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Assert
  7. Candidate RP Advertisement

The last one is to remember Cisco’s Logging Severity levels in descending order.

The acronym: Every Alley Cat Eats Watery Noodles In Doors

The List:

  1. Emergency
  2. Alert
  3. Critical
  4. Error
  5. Warning
  6. Notification
  7. Informational
  8. Debugging

You will also need to know the NAT order of operations, you can check my Order of Operations Post to understand how I remember them. I hope these mnemonic acronyms will help you in your CCIE Written exam. If you have any more mnemonics that you would like to share, please post a comment and share to the community.


  1. Jeez … not sure I could remember even the mnemonics … :)) but, it’s is encouraging to know there is such thing! 🙂
    I knew the BGP and the EIGRP ones.

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