Hour 122: Short-term objectives and hours to go

I have the CCIE:R&S written exam scheduled in 40 days. With my new job taking a lot of time, I will be posting less content until after this exam. For now, I need to focus and study a lot on QoS and MPLS. Also, I would like to clarify something about the amount of hours I keep track of in my post title. These hours do not reflect the total amount of time I studied but only the amount of time I spent reading CCIE level books. I’ve been writing blogs, reading Cisco documentation and going through lab scenarios  a lot recently and I don’t count any of these hours. I would estimate the actual time spent in my CCIE studies since CCNP to around 350 hours. If we add these hours with the hours spent from nothing to CCNP, I would estimate my total to be around 700 hours. I am expecting around 100 more hours of studying to be ready for the CCIE Written and around 700 more hours until my first CCIE Lab attempt. It is encouraging to feel that I am almost halfway there, but there is still a long road ahead of me.

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