Hour 52: Pacing yourself

In my military days I ran several marathons and found that the key to succeeding these is to have a good training regimen and strong mental discipline. What I mean by mental discipline is keeping a strict schedule for your work-outs and pacing yourself during your training. The same goes for CCIE; it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. For this reason I have to approach my studies as if I were training for a marathon and be careful not to burn myself out.

Quick update on me: I’m currently reviewing BGP Attributes, Route Reflectors and Confederations and I’m finding it hard to make a review post about them due to the complexity and scalability of these technologies. There are books written entirely on these subjects that are over 1000 pages and I’m trying to reduce this to a 3 or 4 page review. I’m also working on getting a part-time job as network consultant. A lot of companies seem interested in my services but mostly as full-time employee. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I do know, that no matter what happens, I will continue to invest time to better myself and persist in my journey towards the CCIE number.

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